The Need For Speed, Accessibility And Control.

STANLEY® Introduces The STANLEY® FATMAX® 4v Power Assist Screwdriver And The Ratcheting Screwdriver With Speed Drive Technology.

  • Rechargeable STANLEY® FATMAX® 4V Power Assist Screwdriver delivers 4x faster screwdriving than manual tools, providing high speed, superior control and reduced fatigue in low torque applications
  • STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver with speed drive technology incorporates ‘360°-effect’ left-right ratcheting mechanism for 2x faster tightening or unfastening, plus ergonomic design for comfort and integrated bit holder

With its continuous focus on developing pioneering solutions that help trade pros excel and unlock potential, STANLEY® has unveiled two advanced new tools in its STANLEY FATMAX® screwdriving range: the STANLEY FATMAX 4V Power Assist Screwdriver and the STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver with speed drive technology . Both products have been designed to increase efficiency and provide high speed operation, improved comfort and reduced fatigue in low torque applications, saving time on job site - thanks to an array of innovative features.

STANLEY FATMAX® 4V Power Assist Screwdriver (FMHT66719-0)

Recognising that professionals require constant control over low torque applications, to avoid the hazards of stripping screws or damaging materials, STANLEY has introduced the 4V Power Assist Screwdriver. This sophisticated tool operates at up to 300rpm, delivering impressive speed for up to 4x faster completion compared to manual screwdriving – yet putting the user completely in control. Screws can be driven in flush to the surface and then fine adjustments made manually where required. Due to its powerful performance, the risk of fatigue is considerably lower, particularly in repetitive applications. Furthermore, the 4V Power Assist Screwdriver delivers 0.9Nm of torque, which is balanced to complement the speed of operation. Incorporating a 1.5Ah rechargeable battery, the screwdriver comes complete with a USB cable for convenient charging from a power point or electronic device, while a built-in three-colour LED indicator light conveniently alerts users to the current state of charge.

Compact in size with a 140mm handle, the 4V Power Assist Screwdriver fits neatly in the hand and can be carried in a pocket or toolbox, always ready to tackle a broad range of applications. Thanks to the ergonomic bi-material handle, the tool is extremely comfortable to hold, while the straightforward push-button functionality makes it quick and simple to use. Streamlined in operation, it is also easy to switch seamlessly between forward and reverse modes with a single key press. Ensuring a secure hold on any fastener drive, the 4V Power Assist Screwdriver has an integrated magnetic bit holder, providing even further stability and control. The STANLEY FATMAX 4V Power Assist Screwdriver is available as a set with 2 x Philips 1-2, 2 x Pozi 1-2 and 2 x Slotted 4-5.5mm double-ended bits and a USB charging cable.

STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver with speed drive technology (FMHT62692-0)

Compared to a standard ratcheting screwdriver, the STANLEY FATMAX Ratcheting Screwdriver has been engineered to halve the amount of time it takes to fasten or remove screws, thanks to it speed drive technology. The user simply twists the handle left and right and the fluid ratcheting action continues without interruption, creating a ‘360° effect’ and therefore completing the job twice as quickly. Delivering superior control, the Ratcheting Screwdriver’s ‘speed zone’ ensures quick rotation control for more efficient run down, and the ‘precision tactile zone’ enables extra control for precision tasks. To reverse the direction of the screwdriver, the user just pulls the ratchet mechanism forward and clicks it into place. Built from robust chrome vanadium, the Ratcheting Screwdriver is equipped for strength and durability, and its ergonomic, textured handle provides exceptional comfort and grip, particularly for heavier torque applications. As with the 4V Power Assist, the bi-material coating significantly reduces fatigue or strain in prolonged tasks. A locking bit holder affords a secure hold on any fastener drive. For added convenience and access, the Ratcheting Screwdriver offers integrated storage inside the handle, so accessories can never be mislaid, and a magnetic tip facilitates safe bit retention. Compact in size, the Ratcheting Screwdriver fits easily in a trouser pocket or tool belt, ready to use on any job. A selection of high quality screwdriver bits is included with the product.

Eric Guilloux, group product manager for STANLEY, said, “Driving screws manually can be exceedingly time-consuming and trade pros also run the risk of hand strain or fatigue, especially when carrying out repetitive or extended tasks. For those completing demanding screwdriving and fixing applications day in, day out, the new STANLEY FATMAX 4V Power Assist and Ratcheting Screwdriver really come into their own. A bridge between manual and power tools, these intuitive, premium solutions provide a highly effective alternative to traditional hand tools, offering undeniable speed benefits, an optimised form factor suitable for access in tight spaces and comfort in operation, as well as ultimate control for low torque, precision applications. They also deliver on the STANLEY promise of outstanding reliability, efficiency and resilience in everyday use.”

Further information about the STANLEY FATMAX 4V Power Assist and Ratcheting Screwdrivers can be found at [link to local web site / product page / video link].


Pricing & availability

The STANLEY FATMAX 4V Power Assist and Ratcheting Screwdrivers will be available from March 2021. Pricing is available on request.


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